Bangkok: The City of Angels in the Land of Smiles

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As the biggest urban area of Thailand, Bangkok also serves as the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, a country that is also known as the Land of Smiles. As the country's capital, the place is also known as Thailand's 'Global City", being a center of social, political, economic, and business development as much as it is a cultural hub for travelers from around the world. Bangkok's Thai name "Krung Thep" also literally translates as the "City of Angels". This colorful variations in the city's nomenclature is just fitting, since the place itself is a host to a plethora of panoramic tourist spots and activities that is considered as one of the best throughout the world.
So what are the things that travelers can feast on in this city and literally keep them smiling? Here are some of them:
Vibrant Nightlife 
A number of airlines offer flights to Bangkok at a very affordable rates. The main reason? Bangkok's spirited nightlife that has attracted an exodus of crowds towards the city, desiring to have a taste of fun that only a night in Bangkok can offer. Bar flying, clubbing, cultural shows, dining, and other recreational pursuits can be had, all at a reasonable cost. It is not expensive to get in and have a taste of the ambiance even of the city's top rated clubs including Bed Supperclub, Glow Narcissus, and Route 66, to name a few. Even Bangkok's fine hotels are venues of discos and nightclubs that are quite cheap yet superlative in terms of service and ambiance. The city is literally adorned with these places of recreations that also offer great food in addition to live music.
Theme Parks 
For travelers who come to Bangkok with their families, the city is replete with different theme parks that specifically cater to younger groups, from infants to teenagers. This include the Dream World, Bangkok Planetarium, and the Siam Park and Mall Ngamwongwan Water & Playland. These amusement parks also have amenities such as swimming pools. Activities such as water sports, adventure rides, and hobby classes are also available.
Awe-Inspiring Temples 
Bangkok is also home to stunning temples with intricate and colorful designs. The usual facade of a temple in Bangkok details an orange and green roof tiles, covers in gold, and colored glass mosaics numbering by the thousands. A dominant brass or bronze Buddha emblem is also an essential temple adornment, along with diminutive sculptures in various designs.
Historical Museums 
Visitors can have a glimpse of the city's unique rich traditions and customs by spending time at Bangkok's various museums. An insight into the glorious past of the city can be gained, and the best thing about museums in Bangkok is that they charge only a very minimal amount for entrance. A must see among the city's museums include "The Ancient City", "Bangkok National Museum ", and the "Royal Barge Museum.
Shopping Sprees 
As much as it is renowned the world over for its vivacious nightlife, Bangkok is also famous as a shopping destination, attracting shoppers from all over the world. Shoppers can choose to delight themselves with the glossy and towering shopping malls, street bazaars known for its legendary chaos and energy, and also the famous floating markets. The most famous among the floating markets is the Damnoen Saduak, known for being large and trendy. On the other hand, smaller markets such as Ampawa and Tha Kha, gives travelers a glimpse of the local flavors of this beautiful city.
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