Film Tourism: What It Is, and How To Plan A Trip

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Film tourism refers to the process of choosing a travel destination based on a movie that either references the location, was shot at the specific location, or was set in the location. Some claim it is a relatively new form of tourism, while others maintain that this repeats the long-established practice of reading about a location and then going to visit, based on literature. Regardless, it is a great opportunity to combine the love of film with the love of travel. Take a look at the following guide to determine just how you might frame your next travel adventure based on a film you love:
Think about where you want to go and why.
It should be easy to pick a place to travel and just go - or is it? When a person works hard and has limited time to choose a destination, it is understandable that you want to choose the perfect place. Film tourism is a great avenue for choosing a destination. Many people watch classics from their childhood and feel nostalgia. Others try foreign films or exciting adventure flicks. Whatever your choice in cinematic art is, you can find inspiration.
Think about what kind of places you have seen in movies and how it made you feel. There is no wrong answer, as long as you have an answer. Beaches, mountains, specific countries can all lead to new experiences, if you plan well. So think about a place you have seen in a movie, and think about what your end-goal for vacation is. Also consider whether you want to relax, explore, or challenge yourself. These goals should affect your choice in travel venue.
Consider the film. Or consider your reasons for wanting to consider a film.
There is a phrase popular in film tourism: Reel to real. This references the ability to see something on a screen and then translate those feelings and that experience into a physical visit through vacation. There is a lot of merit to translating a film to the real world. In order to make the most of a vacation planned around a film, it is best to consider the most important aspects of what drew you to a film. Was it a sense of nostalgia? Was it the scenery? New Zealand is a place in particular that has felt the draw of the tourism sector after the beauty of "The Hobbit" and other such films attracted people to the countryside. Was it a culinary masterpiece that had you wanting to savor the cuisine of a different place?
Contact a professional service that can plan the trip for you.
Because film tourism has really taken off, there are some fantastic film vacation packages available. These include pre-planned trips revolving around a specific film or group of films or even a location that is famous for several different movies. A travel firm that is well-versed in the different complexities in scheduling a trip can really help you decide what you want from a trip and how to get it.
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