What You Should Know Before Traveling to Vienna

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Traveling to Vienna and want to ponder over certain quick tips to be considered before your travel? This article will serve all the first time travelers and the habitual tourists to get the know-how of Vienna before they plan their travel.
Vienna is a capital and a huge city of Austria and is an important cultural, economic and political center. Vienna was perhaps an important trading post for the Celts when the Romans arrived to the city around 15 BC. The city has always been young and dynamic and famous for its music, multitudes of street performers, a vibrant Monday through Sunday club scene and its UNESCO world heritage sites. The city is also known for its coffee culture and a large number of coffee bars surround the city.
Museums, Hofburg Palace, religious buildings such as St. Stephen's Cathedral are some of the listed places to be visited in the city. Ball Season, is a must attend festival for all the tourists traveling to the city in the carnival season. The wonderful elegant locations of Vienna such as the Hofburg or the City Hall, hosts such Balls in the city. The ImpulsTanz festival also hosts some of the contemporary dance performances and workshops for dance enthusiasts. A walk in downtown Vienna starts naturally with the dome, the tallest building in the area and one of the most impressive Gothic buildings in Europe. Although the center of Vienna has preserved their imperial architecture and the look of past centuries, the dome is reflected in a modernist concrete and glass building called Haas-Haus. A walk through the narrow streets from here can help you come across a number of elegant shops, small squares, bars, restaurants and other tourist attractions inside the ring.
If weather is your concern, then spring and autumn are the loveliest time to travel to Vienna. Easter also sees the start of summer season, which brings in hordes of tourists to holiday in Vienna.
If you are a first time traveler to Vienna, a little knowledge of their transportation system would make your trip all the more easy. Vienna international airport is the main airport in the city and has a large number of flights arriving in and out of the city on a daily basis. From the airport, tourists can hire taxis or go for rental cars to arrive to your destination. Buses in the city also contribute to a large number of public transports. Transportation in Vienna is relatively cheap and it wouldn't cost you much to take a trip around the city using public transportation.
A blend of German and Austro- Bavarian language is spoken widely by most of the Austrians. German is their official language. Tourist guides who deal with foreign people also speak fluent English and hence you are not likely to encounter any difficulty in dealing with them.
Last but not the least, would be the cuisine of Vienna. Gourmet travelers to the city will find a variety of exotic flavors and food dishes through a number of restaurants in the city. Sausages and Kabaps is the traditional fast food of Vienna. Foreign visitors are also welcomed with English menus and English dishes on their plates.
Overall Vienna offers a discrete traditional experience and fun and fascination through your entire trip. A little familiarity of the place and its people would make you more comfortable on your journey.
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