Reasons to Choose West Edmonton As Your Holiday Destination

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If you are visiting Edmonton City anytime soon, then you are in for a treat. This is renowned as Canada's Festival City due to the plethora of shows and events that run throughout the year. Indeed, every traveler will agree that there is no dull moment in the city whatever the time of year. It is the reason many visitors keep coming back to Edmonton. Among the most popular destinations for most visitors is West Edmonton area.
This is a must-visit place whenever you visit and it is one reason most people come back for more. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the following reasons (among many others) should be enough to entice you to visit the area:
West Edmonton Mall (W.E.M): How would you like to visit North America's largest shopping mall and enjoy limitless fun? There is so much to do inside W.E.M and it forms the highlight of most visits here. With over 800 stores to shop from, world's largest indoor wave pool, music concerts, hockey games, surfing and tens of other activities, this is a delight for any type of traveller.
The Edmonton Valley Zoo: If you are a nature lover, you must have heard of Lucy, the infamous Asian elephant and you will find its remains here. There are over 350 animal species and many activities are always underway inside the zoo.
Exquisite accommodation: The area boasts world class hotels and this is, in fact, one of the many reasons visitors prefer to stay here. You will enjoy Canada's globally renowned hospitality and surprisingly the rates are very favourable. For conveniently located accommodation in the city, this is the place to check out first.
Easy access: Wherever you are headed to next, it is easy to get access from the West Edmonton area. The Whitemud and the Anthony Henday intersect right in the area and you can also connect through Timberidge at Edgemont, which is a few minutes away. Whenever you need to get on the move, there is a highway just a few minutes away.
Lewis Estates Golf Course: A round of golf is always a good way to start or wind up your day while on holiday. This you can do at one of the most prestigious golf courses in the city as you interact with other players.
Pristine parks and greens: There are many parks where you can relax and unwind.
There is no better place from where to get a feel of this great city. From world class affordable accommodation, incredible sights and entertainment, there is so much to enjoy. You have to try it to believe it.
The Yellowhead Inn has been a vital part of Edmonton's industry since its construction in 1972.The Yellowhead Inn is among the largest of the hotels in West Edmonton. West Edmonton is the place where you can have fun and lots of enjoyment at one place.
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