3 Reasons Why You Should Give Freelancing A Thought

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I have been a freelancer on and off since 2011. It was in March 2017 that I embraced freelancing as a full time job and boy I was so right in doing so. I had started my career in SQA in 2009, took a career break from 2011 to 2013. And then again started working in 2014 up till March 2017. I had gained enough experience from my day time job to apply on jobs as a freelancer. What appealed me most about freelancing was the ease with which freelancers work. All one needs is a good internet connection and a computer and you are good to go. For a working mother like me the benefits of freelancing are countless.  I feel that the outdated work structure we currently have in offices doesn’t work well for mothers. The 40 plus hours per week, meetings, deadlines, and let’s not forget the inequities in pay and future prospects are all the more reasons which would drive a woman to think about starting a career in freelancing. While I still have a long way to go on this path, here are 3 reasons I want to share with all the women in tech who have either given up their careers for their families and other priorities or will be doing so in future. I just want to tell them it’s not the end, it’s only the beginning.
This one is my favorite. Ever since I started freelancing, I am in love with it because I get to work on my own terms. I get to choose the place, timings and how I want to work plus freelancers don’t have to combat the everyday traffic. I get to decide my working hours.
One of the things that are great about freelancing is that you can branch out and learn new things. Here you are less likely to be pigeon holed in a position with a particular skill. You can learn new skills and apply for them. I have almost 5 years’ experience of SQA, but I also work as an affiliate manager and a ghost writer. If you think you are good at something, polish that skill and showcase it on your freelancing profile and bid.
3.Family Time
This is a reason why I advocate freelancing for women. They can balance their life with this. Spend more time with kids. In Pakistan (while this is the case all around the globe) women often face a problem of choosing between profession and family. With freelancing they can have the best of both worlds.
I have the utmost respect for full time working women. I have myself been one for almost 5 years. But what I want to advocate here is that women who feel that they can’t work anymore because they have started a family and things are becoming difficult, still have a way to pursue their career and earn money. From WomeninTech group some ladies have asked me about freelancing. This is for them. I will definitely be guiding you on how get started with Freelancing in coming days.

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