Vietnamese Traditional Music 1

Center for Research and Development of National Music. Hanoi, Vietnam
Director - Mai Tuyet Hoa

Traditional Vietnamese music is highly diverse and syncretistic, combining native and foreign influences. Throughout its history, Vietnam has been most heavily impacted by the Chinese musical tradition, as an integral part, along with Korea, Mongolia and Japan.[1] The ancient Indochinese kingdom of Champa also had a very significant historical effect upon this music, because the Vietnamese court found it intriguing.
Nh� nh%u1EA1c is the most popular form of imperial court music, specifically referring to the court music played from the Tr%u1EA7n Dynasty to the very last Nguy%u1EC5n Dynasty of Vietnam, being synthesized and most highly developed by the Nguy%u1EC5n emperors. It is based on earlier Vietnamese imperial court music, its primary influences coming from Ming Dynasty's imperial court and later the music of Champa. Along with nh� nh%u1EA1c, the imperial court of Vietnam in the 19th century also had many royal dances which still exist to this day. The theme of most of these dances is to wish the kings longevity and the country wealth.

video by Antoni Ansarov

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